Look how adorable Bracken is! He's a 5 month old border collie puppy who's keeping me company in this new place I'm in for the next however many days. Isn't he just so loveable? I've decided that I'm going to have to sneak him home with me in my suitcase when I go back home.

I'm in a respite placement at the moment, which means I've been placed with temporary foster carers while my other foster carers go on holiday abroad. They've gone to Egypt which I think I've mentioned before. 

I saw my CPN on Tuesday and she decided (along with my shrink and GP) that it's about time they prescribed some Diazepam, which they have now done. The problem is, it's making me all dopey during the day but it hasn't helped me get a good night's sleep yet! I've got several days worth of it but to be honest, if it hasn't helped me sleep by tomorrow night then I might just leave it for now. I know benzodiazepines can be addictive and I'm quite anti-drugs if there's a risk I could become dependent or start abusing them. I'm pretty positive that's not going to happen at the moment but the risk is always there.

Until then I'm going to smoke a lot, use my crisis box and keep Bracken company. He's such an attention-seeker. He just loves to be cuddled and thinks everyone is edible. The amount of dog saliva I've had on me is kinda gross... I know dog's mouths are supposed to be cleaner than a toilet, but still, he's been licking his penis with that tongue... Lovely imagery right there huh?? Ending on a good note LOL.

Much love all <3

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