Well, it's me again! I've been considering calling the Crisis Team since Friday evening. My mental health team is going to be changing it's hours soon. They currently work 9am - 5pm. Classic office hours. That'll be switching to 8am - 8pm which I'm sure will be more helpful. Not only to me but to every other patient that they see.

I've been dissociating a lot. By dissociating I'm talking severely, where I get hours at a time where I don't know what I've done, who I've spoken to, where I've been etc. I also had two days where I binged incessantly. It was.. fun.. I'm hoping I communicated the sarcasm well in the word 'fun'..

But anyway, at what point do you call the Crisis Team? They can't exactly control my dissociation and, even though I hate to admit it, neither can I! Part of me says that the Crisis Team can be called even if you're not on the point when you're standing on a tall building considering jumping off. But what if it's something that no one can control? Half the reason I'm so stressed out about it is because I have no answers. I have no techniques to be able to control it. No, I wouldn't say I'm in 'imminent danger'. But would it be classed as 'imminent danger'? I have no idea when or where I can dissociate so in two minutes time it could happen and I'd end up in a dangerous situation. Would that count as a crisis? 

This is stupidly confusing and I probably haven't explained it well. I'm thinking that I only have to hold out until tomorrow, although it is only 12PM and night time is the worst. To me, my preference is that I use my CPN and psychiatrist rather than having to sell out my soul to some member on the Crisis Team. I know that they can access my records and such, but yanno, I don't really want to have to explain everything again and again. I've heard horror stories about experiences from the Crisis Team. That's probably partly why I don't want to ring them. I'd rather not have an insensitive dumb-ass on the line who knows nothing. There's always a chance that'll happen.

It's Monday tomorrow! I can do this. Stupid out-of-hours problems..

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